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Departments > Costume Design & Dress Making (CDDM)

         The three years diploma course started in 2007 with a view to arouse interest and motivate the students for fashion designing & costume designing & to aware them about their importance.

Costume designing and dress making is department of technical skills enhancement. The structural manifesto includes the theoretical and practical application of techniques and concepts in quintessential versatile methods essentially related to the fields of fashion. The icing on the cake includes the analytical techno ventures to handle the fabric in a better way in a sequential order from concept to consumer, eventually the students are well versed to aid high fashion and fulfill their dreams and aspirations.



 To become a center of excellence in providing quality education and training in costume   design and dress making technology and make available resources and consultancy to the concerned industries.

  1. Develop skillful , competent and employable technical main power to meet the demands of the consumers
  2. To provide will equipped infrastructure and updated technical facility and resources in the field of costume design and fashion industry.
  3. To develop collaboration with provincial industries to ensure training and employability.
  4. To develop entrepreneur skills and ethical values among the students.
  • Objectives
  • Facilities for Students
  • Job Opportunities
  • To give knowledge of conversion of structural design to decorative and ornamental design through the elements of design and also skill to make garment or textile through the principles of design.
  • To understand technical aspects of pattern making, garment construction and providing better opportunities for entrepreneurship.
  • To provide knowledge of historical, Indian traditional costumes & textiles through professional skill for better career opportunities.
  • To learn computer basics & computer graphics/editing useful for illustration of costumes, dresses & fashion dresses.
  • To develop manpower in students for organizing fashion show, exhibition & project planning with changing needs of fashion & garment industries.

Department provide different labs to students for improving their creative ability & technical skills.

  • Dyeing & Printing lab
  • Drafting & Cutting lab
  • Stitching lab
  • Advance Stitching Machine lab
  • Embroidery lab
  • Computer lab ( with computer controlled embroidery machine)
  • Production Manager/ Supervisor , Fabric Technician, Apparel Finisher & Checker, Fabric Marketing Personnel, Garment Cutting Supervisor, Garment Making Supervisor, Garment Packing Supervisor, Quality Controller, Dress Designer
  • Dyeing/Printing Supervisor ,Textile/Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Designer ,Fashion Editor ,Fashion Consultant ,Fashion Show Coordinator ,Stylist
  • Own creative readymade garment unit
  • Own creative fabric ornamentation unit – handmade & machinemade
  • Boutique.
  • Tailoring shop with dress material  
  • Free hand painting unit
  • Printing unit – Block printing unit, Screen printing unit, Stencil/Spray printing unit
  • Dyeing unit – Tie & dye unit, Batik unit.
  • Training classes for stitching.
  • Training classes for embroidery.
  • Training classes for dyeing.